Axel Marelius

+4670 341 89 48


Hi, I'm a game design student at Futuregames. I specialize in technical design but enjoy most aspects of game design, and have a broad skill-set. 

I've played games for as long as I can remember, whether it be live-streaming, competing in eSports, or just spending a whole weekend in my Steam Library.

I also have a big interest in psychology and neuroscience. which matched perfectly with my passion for games when I was introduced to game-design. I was hooked immediately.

For me, game-design is very creatively liberating, where possibilities feel endless, and any given problem has infinite solutions. The social aspect of design is also very rewarding. I mean, I get to make awesome products, with awesome people, that bring joy to players!

Besides my studies, I've held several courses in Unreal Engine at Tekniska Muséet, and both attended and organized several game-jam's.


When I'm not playing, or developing games, I spend my time playing music, drawing and rock climbing.

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