Analysis & Re-work



  • Full analysis of DOOM's UI elements.

  • Re-designing DOOM's Navigation System.

  • Spline that follows Nav-mesh.

  • Objective & Challenge Widgets.

To navigate DOOM 2016's levels, players use a map screen. This takes them out of the game, which can cause friction for the player. 

I thought replacing it with something rendered in-world would be more fitting for DOOM's push-forward design

Made together with Gabriel Sánchez.


We analyzed all of DOOM's UI elements, with fast-paced vs. slow-paced player-personas in consideration.  


We found that some mechanics that players use to keep pace, were actually fairly inconvenient and slow to use.


I was tasked with re-working the navigation (map screen), to make it more suitable for players wanting to keep high pace through the game. 


My solution was to render a spline in-world, showing where to go. This way players aren't taken out of the gameplay, and they will quickly know where to go. 

UI Artefact

All of DOOM's UI elements, mapped out in relation to our player personas' variables.

Original - Map Screen

image (7).png

The map screen is the main way to navigate DOOM's levels.

Re-work - Navigation Spline


A spline is rendered in-game, showing the player where to go. Faster to get back on track. Allows players to push forward.