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Score Ducklings


Steal Ducklings

Find Wild Ducklings

Players compete to bring the most ducklings to the nest before time runs out. Collected ducklings follow players in a line, and must be kept away from harm to survive. 

Designing "Chaos"


The game's design is aimed towards allowing as much intensity and craziness as possible, while still feeling fair and predictable enough to have competitive value. 

Growing Tail

The more ducklings a player collects without scoring, the harder managing their "duckling-tail" becomes. ergo: as players skill increase, so does the challenge. 


Ramping up Intensity

As a game progresses, the spawn-rates of both ducklings and hazards increase. This gives each match an exciting dynamic and pacing, and makes replaying more enjoyable. 

Super Mother Quackers is a hectic party-game for 2-4 players, where you control a mother duck!

My Role: Gameplay Design. Project Lead

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Team Size: 7 (3 Designers)

Time Frame: 2 Weeks

Genre: Party-game, arena-brawler

Date: September 2019



Project Lead

Gameplay Design/Scripting

Pitching & Presenting

Movement Design & Scripting

Duckling Behaviour

Game Overview


Intuitive UX2.png

Fast-Paced Chaos

Intuitive UX


A nice touch to the players dash ability. It can knock people into each other any number of times. These sorts of mechanical details provide a good element of unpredictability and brings some depth to the gameplay.